When FFDM as the original business for the “Manufacture of Dental Burs” was established in 1946, the focus was on dental burs and instruments, as these products were not manufactured in France at the time.

The Carbide Cutting Tools Department was created in 1962 and marked the company’s entry into a new field of business, as carbide cutting tools were also used on new materials in the aircraft industry. Consequently, its name was changed to FFDM for the “Manufacture of Dental and Cutting Burs”. Since then, the company’s experience has been transferred to other industrial applications such as automobile, aircraft, military, precision mechanics and - more recently - fibre glass materials.

In 1972, the purchase of a company for the manufacture of pneumatic machines – drills, screwdrivers, wrenches and die grinders for instance – added a third activity and resulted in the name FFDM-Pneumat.

Finally, in 1999, the three activities are grouped together on a single site at Bourges. 

Bourges is located: