Our know-how

Manufacturing of implant drills

We manufacture drills for dental implants according to customer’s specifications. It means that we do not have standard drills. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, the common characteristics of FFDM implant drills are high cutting power, corrosion resistance and utmost reliability.After receipt of the customer's specifications, we realise the drawings for acceptance. We used our experience in the manufacturing of burs to produce our first implant drills 20 years ago. “Close contacts to customers and business relations based on mutual trust have been very important to us all along”. Today, FFDM TIVOLY cooperates with more than 45 implant companies all over the world. The production is certified ISO13485 and ISO 9001.This activity has been growing continually during the last 15 years because of the development of this speciality. Our job: implant drills made on request! To discover our technical possibilities, please click here. 

Manufacturing of endodontic instruments

We manufacture endodontic instruments in stainless steel according to the norm ISO 3630. Our instruments are distributed in around 65 countries through local dealers. They are available for hand or mechanical use (contra angle). The endodontic instruments are used to clean, to desinfect and to shape the root canal when it is infected by bacteriums. To learn more, please click here. 

Manufacturing of dental burs

THOMAS steel burs are made from high quality alloy steel. Manufactured with precison machines, they present excellent cutting and thoughness features. Our burs are distributed in 65 countries through local dealers. The heads of the burs are cut with techniques which differ according to the different types. This precision work is carried out by a small hob of a few milimeters in diameter which, for example, cuts six precise and different teeth on a head of 8/10 ths of milimeters: an exceptionnal know-how! To discover our range, click here

Our Universal Post Remover (UPR)

Removing posts from root canals prior to endodontic retreatment is often a challenge. The Universal Post Remover is coming from the old GONON post remover which had to be modified to face most of the clinical situations met in modern dentistry. With the new version, we are able to remove most of the posts available in the market (posts, screw posts, fiber posts). The procedure is simple and expedient, and the integrity of the remaining tooth stucture is not jeopardized. To learn more about the clinical process, please click here